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We were involved in the development of the current ISO 9001 series through participartion in the drafting committee for BS 5750. We have been training lead auditors and auditors since the IRCA scheme (then ARB) started in 1984, initially for nationalised industries and then for general industry. Many current auditors for the certification bodies and the accreditation authrorities have gained their certification from our courses.
IRCA Registered Pharmaceutical Auditor/Lead Auditor Course
IRCA Registered QMS Auditor/lead Auditor Course (registration No. A18196)
Our 5-day IRCA registered course LEADER is a hands-on certification lead auditor who works for two global certification bodies. The course is highly practical and is equally applicable to supplier audits and major internal audits (e.g. cross-divisional).
The course fulfils all the training requirements for registration as an IRCA Lead Auditor or Auditor.
Pharmaceutical Internal Auditor & Supplier Auditor Course
Our highly practical pharmaceutical and medical device internal auditor courses can be tailored exactly to your requirements. Run over two days the programme includes on site process based auditing. The standards can be EU GMP, Q10, PS 9000, ISO 15378, ISO 13485 or varied to suit your requirements.
ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditing Course
We regularly run our course at a superb conference centre in South West England. It focuses on performing process based audits that look for improvement opportunities as well as conformance. The standard is ISO 9001:2015 but the techniques can be applied to any of the PDCA based standards.
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How to do effective audits to ISO 9001
ebook for auditing Free Download
How to do effective audits in the pharmaceutical industry
In the current economic climate, companies are finding it  increasingly difficult to release people to perform internal audits. We can provide a cost effective solution by doing these for you. find out more
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Gap Analysis
Auditing & Implementation Tools
As a member of the teams that created the new PS 9000: 2011 standard and the PQG Supply Chain Risk Management Guide, our 5-day IRCA registered pharmaceutical lead auditor course is right up to date. We are also the only organisation offering this course in the Far East.
Other standards covered on the course are EU GMP, ICH Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, PS 9100 (excipients), ISO 15378 (primary packaging), and ISO 19011.
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Reliable, Practicle, Flexible, Cost Effective
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Auditor Training, Assessment & Consultancy
Internal Audit- Burden or Opportunies ?
PS...Britain's best kep secret
Pharmaceutical GMP
ISO 9001
The New ISO 9001:2015 Standard
ISO publised ISO 9001: 2015 in Sep 2015. The changes are significant. The core material appears in all the ISO management standards known as “Annex SL” or high level system [HLS]. If you want to get ahead of the curve and start appraising what needs to be done, we have produced the following tools and course:
* Auditing & Implementation Tools
* IRCA Registered ISO 9001:2015 Transition Course
ISO 9001:2015 A guide to understanding & implementing the high level structure
Internal Audit
It's all in the packaing-Present the NEW standard for pharmaceutical Packing materials, PS 9000:2011