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Process Mapping Workshop
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Effective Internal Auditing to ISO 9001
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The ISO 9000: 2008 series of standards is based on a process approach. This means that you have to define your processes in the clearest way possible. For many companies this means taking a fresh look at their documented quality system. Process mapping using flow charts is the modern way of describing processes without using an excess of words. They show how the processes work and interrelate and establish audit trails. This fresh look also provides an opportunity to “prune” the dead wood from the documented system.
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ISO 9001 Management System
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This one-day practical workshop shows you how to do this.
If you have limited resource to train up your own auditors and need to catch up with your internal audit schedule in more efficient and cost effective way.  read more
Course Structure

The workshop is designed to be run in several sessions with individuals who have developed the process mapping skills in one workshop joining the subsequent sessions to assist others.  In this way an experienced team can quickly be developed which can re-define the QMS in the shortest time.


Refinements of the workshops include parallel internal auditor training and instruction using your computerised systems if applicable.

Learning Objectives

The workshop teaches you:


  • The basic flowchart symbols and conventions
  • How to analyse your current processes and describe these as process maps
  • How to critically analyse the current processes for adequacy
  • How to identify potential changes and improvements which could be made
  • How to support the processes with text based description, or illustration as necessary.
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