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GMP For Pharmaceutical Packaging Awareness Workshop
Suppliers of packaging to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry are required to employ good manufacturing practices (GMP) appropriate to the use of the packaging. The UK has led the industry in having produced standards for primary (i.e. contact) packaging and secondary (non-contact) packaging. The standards also apply to other products including labels and printed leaflets.

In this half day in-house session we provide awareness of the requirements and tailor this to the specific needs of the client. The session is provided by a practising second and third party auditor in the industry and a member of the working group responsible for producing and developing the UK and International standards involved (PS 9000 and ISO 15378).
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“It opened my eyes to what professional supplier auditing is about”

“Superb explanation of the PS 9000 series of GMP standards and how to audit against them”

“Fulfilled my requirements completely”

“Illustrated throughout with pharmaceutical industry examples”

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Who should attend?

The course is designed for quality unit staff and other specialist who will be involved in implementing and auditing gmp based systems in their organisations. It is also of benefit to production and support personnel and those responsible for supply chain management.

  • The GMP requirements which apply to their job and their organisation
  • The applicable requirements of the relevant standards (PS 9000 and ISO 15378) depending upon whether their organisation’s products are secondary or primary products
  • The risks associated with the stages of product realisation from customer enquiry to shipping to customer
  • Implementation and auditing of GMP 
  • The approaches of certification and second party auditors to GMP

    What the delegate are provided with


    Each delegate will receive a bound copy of the visual material used by the tutor and loan copies of the relevant standards (PS 9000, ISO 15378 or both). For copyright reasons these must be returned to the tutor at the close of the workshop.

    Learning Objectives
    Introduction to latest PS9000:2011
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    Auditor Training, Assessment & Consultancy
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    ISO 9001:2015 Gap Analysis
    Auditing & Implementation Tools