PS... Britain's best kept secret
{"What is the PS series? Why do we need them?" We were asked these questions when we held our first course in Hong Kong. We will give you some background to the PS Series, which has been adopted by pharmaceutical companies in the EU for supply chain risk management for many years.}
Membership of the PQG is available to anyone with an interest in pharmaceutical matters and can be obtained from at a cost of 17.50. Several of their publications are available free to members. Included on the site are all of the companies currently certified to the PS series and all of their publications.
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PS.. Britain's best kept secret

For over three decades a group of quality specialists have been creating world class standards designed to reduce the risk of pharmaceutical supply chain errors. Unfortunately few outside Europe have heard of them.

In this article, Jeff Monk a member of the Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG) of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) describes the work of the Group lets you into the secret of the PS series of standards and other standards they have created. The latest PS 9000: 2011 was launched at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society HQ in London on 14th September 2011.

Practical Standards For Practical Applications

In both PS9000 and PS9100, the top levels of GMP equivalent to those in the EU GMP Guide and ICH Q7 are applied to all products.

No more open book exam
Announcement from IRCA
Aug 2011
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It's all in the packaing-Present the NEW standard for pharmaceutical Packing materials, PS 9000:2011

David Abraham and Colin McEnaney *published in Quality World

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First IRCA Pharmaceutical course in Asia
Aug 2011

Excipact a case for excipient audits

Sep 2011
CQI introduces a new grade of membership
Sep 2011
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Jul 2011
Introduction to latest PS 9000:2011
Sep 2011
PS 9000 & PS 9100 Standards
Hot off the press
PS 9000: 2011
Download the latest PS9000:2011 standard from PQG for free
Internal Audits-Burden or Opportunies?
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