Accelerated Learning
"Learning by doing" is also called accelerated learning because, unlike the linear learning of sequential Power Point presentations, our approach uses all of the learning sensors allowing much more information to be retained. It can be summed up in

“I tell you, you forget”

“I show you, you (may) remember”

“You do it, you understand”
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This is very effective when students are learning to use complex standards such as the PS 9000 series for systems auditing. They learn these GMP based standards by facing real situations and solving the root causes of real problems.

Similarly with auditing. We could talk about ISO 19011 the management system auditing guide for hours but there is nothing to beat preparing for an audit using real documentation, telling real (or as near as real, played by the tutors) senior managers where they still have some way to go in face to face meetings


Real audit situations

Our main audit case study is based on real situations encountered by our tutors as practicing lead auditors. There are full documentation trails and a mix of serious and trivial problems to be found. The tutors play the role of the case study company management and staff and respond as real people would in audit situations. If the auditors don’t ask for something, they don’t get it. But, unlike some courses, we do not play silly tricks on the students. We make it as real as possible with professional auditees being audited by professional auditors.

Real audit documentation

We use real documents used by certification bodies and major pharmaceutical companies to report nonconformities, opportunities for improvement and the audit summaries and conclusions. Students can have electronic copies of this if required. We also provide free copies of our comprehensive bound audit checklists for PS 9000 and PS 9100 usually sold on our website. We provide each student with a free interactive PDF of PS 9000 – the packaging GMP standard, that we were involved with developing.

These are much appreciated by delegates doing their first audits after the course. We also provide a free eBook "How to do effective audits" as a quick on the hoof reference when doing audits for the first time.

We carry out a continuous assessment of each student throughout the course and use this to provide additional one to one tutorial support and encouragement when necessary.

Help with exam preparation

Our aim is to provide each student with the maximum learning opportunity and to give them the best chance of passing the externally set written exam at the end of the course. Our pass rate so far has been over 90% but the regulator, IRCA recently changed the rules and the exam is now taken closed book (it was previously open book). To help students to prepare we provide each student with a very comprehensive exam primer, with questions and answers written by us in the style of the final exam. We also provide a very comprehensive, illustrated course manual.

A perfect learning environment

We strongly believe the course venue to be very important to the student’s ability to learn. Our venue near Bath, for our UK courses, the Bailbrook House, specialises in multi-day intensive courses and was previously the UK air traffic officer’ training college. The food, accommodation, service and support are excellent. We often have a complete floor to ourselves and a quiet atmosphere for the exam is guaranteed

If you would like to know more, or talk to Jeff please contact us on phone +44 (0) 1249 447544 or email

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