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All of our services can be tailored to your needs after discussion with you.  Therefore please feel free to contact us for a no obligation proposal and a very competitive quote. 
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If you have limited resource to train up your own auditors and need to catch up with your internal audit schedule in a more efficient and cost effective way we can help.  This unique one-day workshop is an ideal solution for you to achieve the following objectives:
to reduce your outstanding internal audits
to train additional auditors

  You will have reduced any outstanding audits by the number done

  At the same time you will have your people trained in doing internal audits

We can provide a plain language guides to ISO 9001: 2008 & 2015 to all the delegates and bound checklists against this standard. The relevant requirements are explained as part of the preparation process

At the completion of the audit we carry out a de-briefing with an open discussion session to explore what has been learnt, how to move forward and the opportunities for improvement.

This is made possible by our use of Accelerated Learning (AL) techniques which involves "Learning by Doing".  Traditional teaching methods which use slide show presentations followed by consolidation exercises involving linear learning.  But we all know that most things in life are achieved by parallel learning using all the senses and the whole brain.  Accelerated Learning makes learning an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience.
Our tutor, who is a professional certification QMS auditor and trainer will do the audits and at the same time train up to three of your staff to become internal auditors. The reports created are a combined team effort and signed by the lead auditor and your own people. We provide a certificate of competence and will identify people with further potential.
We also provide a variant of this called The Art of Being Audited, where we train staff in the correct approach to being audited.
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