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Supplier Audit & Development (worldwide)
ISO System Implementation & Certification
Developing The ISO 9001 system for business benefits -- Quality Cost Reduction

We have been providing assistance to companies for over twenty five years. In this time our clients have achieved certification to various ISO standards, have implemented improvements and achieved substantial cost savings.

Traditionally for a project like this they will hire a consultant for several days (and of course pay for the expenses incurred travel, accommodation if necessary etc.).

Clients now want a more flexible and cheaper approach. Which is where our on-line consultancy service comes in.

How does it works?

The starting point is an on-line assessment of your needs by one of our consultants. This will be up to thirty minutes and is free.

We will provide you with a proposal for the work we can do for you and the estimated time involved.

If you decide to go ahead with us, you then have choice .

Option 1 - All Online

The whole project will be done via the internet.

You will need a means for displaying images such as a webcam, smart phone or tablet to show us pictures/ videos of your premises, equipment, documentation etc. You will also need a Skype account and preferably a head set with microphone.

You can book time ahead in one-hour slots and schedule them to suit your schedule. We require you to book a minimum of 5 hours at US $ 99 per hour (+ current local tax impositions).

 Option 2 - Combine Online and On-site

We can currently offer this in the UK and Taiwan. We intend to expand our network for this in other regions.

Our consultant will carry out a 30-minute free on-line assessment of your needs and current system status and estimated time.

You then have the choice of the consultant visiting you (we charge whole days at US$ 730 per day + expenses and local tax impositions) and combining this with on-line assistance to keep the costs down. Charges for on line are as above. You will need to purchase a minimum of five hours on line and then top this up as necessary.

Internal Audit
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PS..Britain's best kept secret
Internal Audit Combined with Staff Training
Integrated Management Systems
CQI Introduces a new Grade
Introduction to PS 9000:2011 Pharmaceutical Standard
Internal Audits-Burden or Opportunies?
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J E M O Limited
ISO System Implementation & Certification
Auditor Training, Assessment & Consultancy
Reliable, Practicle, Flexible, Cost Effective
Delivering Customised, Flexible, Value-adding Solutions
All of our services are tailored to your needs after discussing with you.  Therefore please feel free to contact us for a no obligation proposal and a very competitive quote.