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Supplier Audit & Development (worldwide)
ISO System Implementation & Certification
Developing The ISO 9001 system for business benefits -- Quality Cost Reduction
All of our services are tailored to your needs after discussion with you.  Therefore please feel free to contact us for a no obligation proposal and a very competitive quote. 

For third part certification, we can provide hands-on consultancy which will ensure that you obtain certification from one of the accredited certification bodies

QMS Implementation

Our consultants have lifetime experiences of helping companies to implement management systems and solve problems.

Our approach is simple Ė we start with the top-level policies and work our way down. Everyone gets involved and we identify and eliminate any negative silo thinking that may exist between departments. We donít map the processes, we teach the people who manage and work with them to do this. In this way they feel comfortable with the documented system and it is right for them. We teach everyone enough about the standards the system will be audited against so that they understand the principles involved and how they apply to their jobs. The standards in most cases are a turn off for practical doers so we tell it in a way thatís relevant to them.

We start with the premise that the system isnít there just for the certification badge. Itís there for the benefit of the business. Right from the start we encourage people to identify improvements. Our aim is to get to a stage when the people working in the system feel they are in charge of it and own it. Certification auditors sense this and probe to see if it exists. We are happy to accept some congratulations when the certificate is awarded, but the people who deserve it most are the entire workforce. We find few people at the working level that cannot see that the system will help them in their daily lives and will protect their jobs.

The systems are self-sustaining and we ensure you have teams trained to audit the system and continually improve it. If you consider it is in your interests to have people trained to an internationally recognised level then we can provide IRCA certified training, a qualification equal to that of your certification auditor.

Problem Solving

Our experience is that there is no such thing as a quality problem. Product and service problems are a manifestation of system and process failures. So when our clients call us in to help them solve a quality problem we start with examining the systems and processes to identify the root causes. Sometimes these are in the supply chain. One of the client had a supplier in China, we were able to provide an on- the- spot audit and solution using western trained, native speaking staff.

When the problem is nearer to home we will work along side your people using well-developed diagnostic tools to find the root causes and implement the solutions.

Internal Audit
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Integrated Management Systems
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