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Supplier Audit & Development (worldwide)
ISO System Implementation & Certification
Developing The ISO 9001 system for business benefits -- Quality Cost Reduction

Get Your ISO for Free!

We will help you to implement a quality management system which will also save substantial costs. In fact the cost savings will be big enough for the cost of certification to be recouped many times over.  If you are starting out on ISO certification this appoach is highly recommended.  If you have an existing certified system and are required to justify the certification costs, this approach is essential.

5 Gets You 10  100

With our approach five invested will get you much more than ten.  In the case study, the time and money invested in our workshops and the implementation of process improvements saved our client 10% of their annual sales revenue.  And this went straight to the bottom line of profit on the balance sheet without them having to sell any more product.
Internal Audit
PS..Britain's best kept secret
Quality Cost Reduction
Gold in The Mine
Don't be hesitate to ask for a case study "Gold in the Mine" which gives you more details.  Please contact us for a no obligation proposal and a very competitive quote.
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Internal Audit Combined with Staff Training
Integrated Management Systems
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CQI Introduces a new Grade
Introduction to PS9000:2011
Internal Audits-Burden or Opportunies?
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J E M O Limited
Developing the ISO 9001 system for business benefits
Auditor Training, Assessment & Consultancy
Reliable, Practicle, Flexible, Cost Effective
Delivering Customised, Flexible, Value-adding Solutions