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Why Choose Us?
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Reliable – our clients know we will deliver workable solutions to their problems
Practical – our teams of trainers and consultants have many years of hands on “doing it”. We won’t take on what we don’t have hard-won experience of doing
Flexible – we don’t provide “off the shelf” solutions. Instead we sit down with you to understand your needs so that we can provide a solution tailor-made for your organisation
Cost Effective – we practice what we teach. By keeping our operating costs low we can provide you with a cost effective service
Our trainers and consultants have hands on experience of helping companies to implement quality and environmental management systems which not only meet the requirements for certification but also bring about real business benefits. We specialise in bringing out the best in your staff by firstly clearly understanding your needs and expectations and then developing the potential ability of your people to contribute to the organisation.

Services tailored to your needs 

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to training and consultancy. We rarely charge for this tailoring because we see it as an integral part of our customer-focused approach.

Interactive learning

Our approach to learning is to make it as enjoyable as possible. We achieve this by careful course design in which the attendees get maximum opportunity to practice what they have learnt. We use well proven accelerated learning approach,so that the delegates can get the best learning in shorter time than the traditional way.

Multi-culture oriented

We are UK based but we work in many parts of the world. We have an in-house Chinese translator and local tutors (who are familiar with local dialect and culture) in Asia. This multi-cultural capability is particularly useful for western-based companies operating in Asia. We can provide the training and consultancy in both languages. Similar benefits can be gained from honest and independent audits.  

Competitive prices

We can provide top quality training and consultancy at very competitive prices. How?  By putting into practice what we preach on lean processes and cost savingsWe have pared our costs to the absolute minimum so that we run with lean processes which are oriented to your satisfaction. We pass on these savings to you in our prices.

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Auditor Training, Assessment & Consultancy
Reliable, Practical, Flexible, Cost Effective